Oleochemicals Products

“Les Huileries De Meknes» is part today in the trend of sustainable development and opens up very promising prospects. Most of our products are natural, vegetal, biodegradable, kosher and having a certification “Ecocert”.

The application areas of our renewable chemistry are:

Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals:
emulsifiers o / w emulsifiers w / o, co-emulsifiers, dispersants, emollient, humectant, consistent agents, Opacifiers, preservatives agents, masking odors, solubilizing, WAXS , surfactants, soaps and natural active ingredients.

Chemical industry and other parachemical:
emulsifiers, emulsifying, dispersing, bio-solvents, lubricants, WAXS, hydraulic fluids, heat transfer fluids, surfactants, detergents, soaps.

Agriculture and Livestock:
emulsifiers, emulsifiers, dispersants, surfactants, bio-solvents, emollients, stimulants, masking, nutrition and lubrication.